Ride4Recovery 2018 Fundraiser for the Gooden Center

Ride4Recovery 2018


Recover Integrity has organized their first cycling team to honor the fine work of The Gooden Center in Pasadena.


As you may know, cycling and recovery are 2 things that are deeply meaningful to Adam Mindel‘s heart and soul. As an avid cyclist and person of recovery, he sees the heroism in both of these endeavors. So this year both Adam and staffer Mike Martin are comprising the Recover Integrity Cycling Team.


He has known for a long time the fine work that the Gooden Center does. During graduate school, Adam worked across the street from the Gooden Center at Casa and was always very appreciative of their mission and charitable work.


We are hoping to meet our goal of $1,800.00 for people in recovery by the October 27th deadline!


The 5th annual cycling event sponsored by The Gooden Center Treatment Services of Pasadena. With three fully supported rides, this fundraiser gives you an opportunity to participate at your desired level of speed, distance and altitudes.


The Quarter Century is 27.5 miles


The Metric Century is 64.2 miles


The Imperial Century is 102 miles


All rides end with a barbecue held at the home of the program!


Please support The Gooden Center Ride4Recovery continue to deliver on their mission, all proceeds go to the Gooden Center’s treatment of substance abuse and mental health disorders.


If you would like to set up your own fundraiser page, go here!

If you would like to register, go here!


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AUTHOR: Adam Mindel