Why Choose a Luxury Rehab or Sober Living?

Private, Men’s-Only Luxury Drug Rehab

Drug or alcohol addiction isn’t simply “cured.” Most people need more than a 30-day program. Like many other chronic conditions, however, addiction can be managed with treatment and therapy. These approaches help a person relearn how to enjoy life and thrive without the crutch of drugs and alcohol. Luxury sober living can be an effective solution for those completing drug rehab but aren’t ready to return home.


Why should I choose a luxury rehab?


For many struggling with addiction, returning to their home life too soon may result in relapse. After all, the triggers contributing to their addictive behaviors may still be present at home. Family instability, friends and loved ones that use, and other daily stressors may make it difficult to remain sober.


Luxury sober living is a chance for someone to continue their recovery while focusing on personal development and building life skills that may prevent relapse.


Like a luxury drug rehab, these sober living facilities offer a comfortable, serene environment that nurtures one’s desire to get and remain clean. It’s not just a place to stay. Luxury sober living provides a supportive community of like-minded peers and staff who understand the difficulties one faces early in his recovery.


Recovery Integrity offers a luxury sober living opportunity for men in and near Brentwood, California. At the I House, you can expect several benefits to help with your recovery including:



  • Resort-like settings in single or multiple occupancy suites
  • Prepared lunch and dinners as well as access to a full kitchen and pantry
  • Transportation to 12-step meetings and other outside therapeutic activities
  • Around-the-clock access to support staff
  • Assistance pursuing a sponsor and working the 12-steps
  • Ability to create a structured routine to help remain sober
  • Groups and sessions addressing life skills, healthy living, and spirituality
  • Ability to look for work and strive for financial independence


At Recovery Integrity, we believe those beginning their recovery thrive in a hopeful, positive place. We make every effort to ensure our luxury drug rehab and sober living facilities offer an environment to feel safe and explore the exciting path towards a new, more fulfilling life.


You want to make sure you have every available resource to get and remain sober. Recovery Integrity is a place that can help make it happen.


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