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Luxury, Long-Term Addiction Treatment for Men

Recover Integrity is a boutique community program, providing high-quality group work, multiple individual sessions and a theory-based approach to recovery. Our thoughtful assessment criteria allow us to maintain a private atmosphere; utilizing the highest level of clinical care, wisdom-work, and fostering trust we help people recover integrity.

Addiction is not a 30 day problem.

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Measuring Recovery

The DIP can identify a client’s specific and unique underlying issues and prescribe specific, tailored treatment that will be most effective for their unique set of issues.  Moreover, DIP can be used to measure and map individual client’s responses to treatment and their progress on the road to recovery.

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    DIP assesses a client's stage and state across various developmental domains, indicating areas of integration and strength; providing a detailed and accurate profile of where their development has become stuck and split.

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    Testing Outcomes

    DIP provides a Developmental Severity Index that offers insight into individual client's progress for accurate clinical and treatment based case utilization review.

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    Treatment Planning

    DIP Diagnostic Assessments guide treatment planning by offering tailored treatment for individual clients and pinpoint valuable critical turning points for relapse and/or recovery.

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    DIP measures a clients progress in treatment, where he has grown, and where he is still stuck and offers evidence so that treatment planning can re-calibrate in response to on-going changes.

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