Seeking Sober Living in Los Angeles?

Some individuals need extra support on their journey of addiction recovery. Sober living homes offer an option for individuals that may not be ready to return home after initial inpatient drug treatment. For some, addiction is not just a 30-day problem.

In fact, recovery is a unique process for every individual. Some individuals are going to need more time.

The extra time helps an individual get a solid footing on the recovery journey by:

Learning to positively cope with life’s stressors

Developing social skills to help with relating to others

Learning vocational skills to successfully navigate life

Being more accountable for decisions and actions during early recovery

Santa Monica Sober Suites

What is Sober Living?

A sober living home is a group residence where individuals in early recovery can get support, practice living sober, and have a safe place away from the presence of drugs or alcohol.

There are a variety of Los Angeles sober living arrangements–from affordable options to luxury sober living homes with amenities similar to upscale hotels.

Despite the differences, sober living homes share a dedication to keeping their clients sober by:

Having staff available around the clock

Ensuring a structured, safe environment

Providing access to support group meetings and other therapy services

Offering access to jobs, school, recreational, and community activities

santa monica sober living
What are the Benefits of Sober Living?

Sober living homes offer more accountability for the individual just coming out of treatment. Since the individual is surrounded by others in recovery, those living in LA sober living homes form a bond and common alliance–to support each others’ recovery.

In addition to the social component of living, many sober living homes pick up where inpatient treatment left off regarding therapy, skills training, and planning for the future. This continuum of care makes for a much easier transition than an individual returning home and left to his own devices.

When is Sober Living a Good Choice?

In many cases, those in sober living homes come from a higher level of care such as an inpatient drug rehab facility. The individual does not yet feel comfortable returning to his normal home environment. 


A person may feel this way for a variety of reasons including:

Having difficulty managing cravings and triggers

The home environment has drug or alcohol users

Unsupportive or unstable family and friends

Lack of structure or growth opportunities at home

Believing a change of scenery will inspire and motivate recovery

Is Sober Living the Same as a Halfway House?

A sober living home and halfway house are similar–but not the same. They are both communal homes people temporarily live in as they work towards the next steps of their lives. There are, however, some key differences–especially for someone looking to maintain sobriety.  


Halfway houses are typically more like dorms for individuals getting back on their feet after prison or another major life event. Halfway houses, generally affordable, tend to be more crowded with fewer amenities. A halfway house can serve as a place for someone to live after addiction treatment, but it may not be the ideal setting for lasting sobriety.


In contrast, sober living homes can vary in their accommodations, amenities, and prices. The focus of sober living homes isn’t just having a place to stay. Sober living homes have a focus on structure, recovery, and accountability. Some LA sober living homes require an individual to simultaneously complete a treatment program to improve their chances of a successful recovery.

Is Sober Living in California a Good Option?

Southern California, specifically Los Angeles, is a diverse, vibrant area where an individual has access to opportunities for a better life. With a climate that is comfortable year-round and inspiring scenery, many find Los Angeles a great destination for personal discovery and growth. 


Los Angeles also has a dynamic and integrated network of addiction and holistic treatment services as well as an incredibly supportive sober community. This makes Los Angeles sober living a top choice for those serious about recovery. 

Are There Men’s Only LA Sober Living?

Studies have shown gender-specific addiction treatment and sober living arrangements are less distracting and more effective–especially for those in early recovery.


Recover Integrity is a boutique community program offering sober living in Los Angeles for men actively participating in our extended care treatment program.  


Our two LA sober living options, the I House and the Santa Monica Sober Suites, are comfortable, beautiful residences offering multiple or single occupancy private sober suites. Those at our sober homes enjoy prepared lunch and dinner, transportation to our intensive outpatient program and other community activities, and consistent support as they progress through our program and recover with integrity. 


See our unique clinical approach towards recovery.

  • The I House
    • Luxury Sober Living
    • All Mens
    • Single and Multiple Occupancy Suites
    • Lunch and Dinner Prepared
    • Transportation Provided
    • 24 hour Staff
    • Structured

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  • The Suites
    • 3 Beach Bungalows
    • All Mens
    • Single Bedroom Suites
    • Washer/Dryer in each unit
    • Overnight Staff
    • Blocks to the Beach
    • Independent Sober Living

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