Get a Solid Foundation for Your Recovery

Everyone comes to our program with different life experiences. Successfully treating addiction requires an intimate understanding of a person’s strengths, challenges, and motivation for change. From there, an individualized treatment plan empowers a person to work towards a successful recovery.


Recover Integrity believes using trusted, evidenced-based assessments and testing is the best way to lay the foundation–and modify–treatment so it works. After all, we want to make sure you have every available resource to once again take charge of your life.


Addiction is a progressive disease that affects the brain in different ways. Once we understand how your brain has been changed by substance abuse, we begin the process of helping you heal.

Intake Interviews Are a Start...But…

Some facilities believe that spending time interviewing a new client is enough for treatment planning.


Sure, an assessment interview–completed by a trained professional–can be very helpful. The intake interview alone, however, is only going to provide a piece of the whole picture. If you’re seeking help, do you want your treatment team to see a “tunnel vision” version of you?


Testing with evidence-based assessments provides valid and reliable information that’s crucial for treatment planning. In fact, testing can provide important insights that would typically take months to discern using only an intake interview.

Recover Integrity Uses Proven Testing Methods 

We want to see you make progress faster. After all, you have a life to live. People to support.

This is why we take the extra time to get to know you through testing backed by years of research and development.

Cambridge Brain Sciences Cognitive Assessments

With over 25 years of research, Cambridge Brain Sciences Testing provides quantified data in core areas of cognition such as memory, reasoning, attention, and verbal ability. In fact, these tests were administered by mental health professionals over 8 million times. Using this assessment, we can customize a treatment plan based on where you are cognitively. Over time, we can modify your treatment as you experience cognitive growth.

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Developmental Integrity Profile (DIP):

Drs. Charles and Ronnie Blakeney brought Harvard’s developmental model into an assessment helping to identify an individual’s emotion regulation, moral judgement, and other important areas necessary for a targeted, successful recovery. The DIP also helps clinicians identify specific issues and treatment traps that may hinder your recovery process.

Best of all, the assessments take under an hour and are designed to be engaging.

Some tests can even be completed in the comfort of your home. 

As you progress through treatment, we use these tests to assess the important next steps on your journey of recovery.

Recover Integrity Takes the Extra Steps

to Customize Your Treatment

Time spent in treatment is an investment in your future. We want to make sure your time is well-spent and focused. Our testing is just one way our dedication to your recovery sets us apart from other treatment facilities. 

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