About Us

Recover Integrity was founded on a simple premise: role model integrity. If you role model integrity, run your program with integrity, treat people with integrity you teach people how to live with integrity. At Recover Integrity we know what works: a safe environment, a loving and knowledgeable staff, a healthy routine, clear communication and a spiritual core. We recognize that at the root of addiction lies pain, lack of connection, internal conflict, and a lack of direction. The antidote to this condition is healing, integration of conflicting parts, joining with others, and discovering the meaning and purpose that lives within all of us.
Yeshaia Blakeney, BA
Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Yeshaia is an addiction expert with 17 years experience working in substance abuse and mental health. Sober since age 21, Yeshaia has a deep understanding of the youth addiction and recovery process, and works well with people for whom 12-step programs have been ineffective or are looking for an unorthodox approach. Aware that lasting recovery has a spiritual dimension, Yeshaia helps addicts build a customized path toward healing that best fits their personal senses of identity. His experience as a counselor and case manager is enhanced by his connections to a vast network of recovery professionals. Yeshaia holds a CADC education from UCLA and a Bachelors Degree from Antioch University.

Yeshaia works closely with families and develops relationships with clients that persist past the point of their time at Recover Integrity. Yeshaia is deeply connected to the individual nature of recovery and what it means to live well. And, he expresses this unique take on treatment through his one-on-one work with clients, families and case managers.

Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Adam received his MA from Pacific Oaks College in 2011. Adam has been a pillar in the Los Angeles recovery community for the last 16 years. For over a decade, Adam triaged the day to day clinical program of one of the nation’s largest non-profits specializing in addiction. Adam has held positions ranging from Family Director, Assistant Clinical Director, and Men and Women’s Program Director. Adam is highly sought out nationwide by programs and families as an interventionist. Adam works closely with our clients and their families, creating a safe space for recovery. Adam and Yeshaia worked side by side for 12 years before co-founding Recover Integrity together.


Adam specializes in family dynamics, family coaching and case management as well as one-on-one work with clients. Adam’s focus on containment and meeting clients where “they’re at” is a key to his ability to connect to clients at their core.

Juan Pérez, PsyD
Assistant Clinical Director 

Dr. Juan C. Pérez completed his graduate and doctoral training (PsyD) at Pepperdine University. Dr. Pérez’s studies have involved understanding how brain functioning relates to psychological functioning, and for 10 years he worked as a neuropsychologist in several medical rehabilitation facilities. Dr. Pérez has extensive experience with traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, chronic pain, physical trauma and behavioral medicine. After dealing with his own recovery issues, Dr. Pérez developed a dual diagnosis program in the streets of “skid row” in downtown Los Angeles. Prior to Recover Integrity, Dr. Pérez worked at  The Canyon and  Michael’s House in Palm Springs. Dr. Pérez’s focus is on providing empathetic and compassionate psychological services to individuals and families facing change. Using scientific, humanistic and phenomenology based approaches, his goals are to help people overcome the challenge of personal recovery with creativity, humor and hope.

Michael Martin, CADC-I
Recovery Coordinator & Case Manager

Michael grew up in upstate New York. In 2014, Michael moved to Los Angeles in search of purpose and recovery. Michael got sober at the age of 22 and has a special gift for working with other men in recovery. Once Michael was sober, having begun the journey and work on building his own inner and higher self, his attention began to shift to the other countless men who have not yet found their own recovery path. Coming from humble beginnings in Los Angeles, Michael understands what it takes to consider one’s own values, strengths, and passions, and use those to build a life feels purposeful and worth living. With such a passion for helping others, strong focus on trust and accountability, and communication, Michael is an effective member within both our Recover Integrity system and the greater Los Angeles sober community as a whole. Michael received his California State Licensing as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor in 2017 and has been working with other men, reaching them wherever they are at, to achieve recovery ever since.

Kathy Marks, PsyD, MFT
Primary Therapist

As a licensed Marital and Family Therapist, Kathy is a passionate clinician and training supervisor. Through her own journey, an ongoing commitment of emotional and spiritual work, she was drawn to helping individuals and families learn to have healthy meaningful relationships with themselves and others. Addictions and relationships are her specialties. Previously she held several positions, the most recent as clinical director for 5 years, during her 10 years at a large treatment center for addictions. During this time, she met Yeshaia and Adam where they developed an appreciation for one another and deep respect for each others work. Kathy developed the first residential and intensive outpatient program for gambling addiction and provides gambling treatment in partnership with the California Office of Problem Gambling. Kathy is a consummate seeker of knowledge, particularly the complexities of how people grow through relationship. To that end, she has completed all of her clinical doctorate work at the Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis as a PsyD. In addition to her clinical work at Integrity Kathy maintains a private practice in West LA.

Ashlee Petersen, CADC-I
Lead Case Manager

Ashlee began her career as a successful makeup artist in Hollywood, working in TV and film for 23 years, where she functioned as both an artist and an educator.

Ashlee attempted numerous times to get sober but repeatedly relapsed. In 2011 her family intervened and she received her first long term treatment experience. She witnessed the miracle of one alcoholic helping another and knew she wanted to change the trajectory of her life. Through personal experiences, she saw an opportunity to help people and make a difference by entering the field of addiction treatment.

Ashlee has 5 years of experience as a counselor and a case manager, and recently earned her CATC from West Los Angeles Community College. Her greatest reward is seeing the progression of the individuals that she works with every day.

“I love working in this industry because I get to watch the light return to someone’s face. It is truly an amazing opportunity to witness connection after years of disconnection.”

Jennifer Ginsberg, LCSW, MAJCS, C-SAT Candidate
Primary Therapist

Jennifer Ginsberg, LCSW, gratefully brings her passion plus two decades of personal and professional experience to the Recover Integrity team, evidenced by her education (double masters in clinicalSocial Work from USC and Jewish Communal Service from HUC), training, and life practice which is what drew her to the field years ago, when she was retained to lead the clinical programs at a residential treatment center. Jennifer also served as the addiction expert for Warner Brother’s Momlogic, provided consultation and curriculum development for various treatment programs and recently completed her first novel, which explores the themes of marriage and addiction through the lens of Judaism. She is currently pursuing additional accreditation as a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, and as a C-SAT candidate brings that specialization to help poly-addicted clients find abstinence and freedom.

Eva Altobelli, MD

Dr. Altobelli is a Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and certified in suboxone treatment. Dr. Altobelli completed her fellowship in Addiction Psychiatry, and completed her adult psychiatry residency training, at North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, NY. Prior to medical school

Dr. Altobelli earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts at University of Arizona and worked in the film industry in NYC. With a unique background in addiction, psychiatry, trauma and film, Dr. Altobelli is a respected consultant on behavioral health topics.

She honors the mind -body -spirit connection-acknowledging how we experience stress can cause both psychological and physiological changes.

Dr Altobelli believe in people, in our traumas and how they shape our sense of self and can create self limiting ideas. She feels offering a compassionate space for to clients to develop a curiosity without judgement is often the first step to creating a meaningful connection.

In addition to traditional psychotherapy and medication, She has tailored her practice to treat clients with a creative approach. In conjunction with standard psychopharmacology and talk therapy, Dr. Altobelli integrates alternative modalities as part of the healing process with the goal of creating a more harmonious life.
Utilizing alternative modalities drawing from traditional Chinese medicine, reiki and a variety of other energy healing modalities.

Her goal is to empower clients to better cope with the stressors they encounter and create a life filled with joy. Dr. Altobelli knows that engaging in a therapeutic relationship can be a delicate and difficult process and does her best to honor that.

Gaia Tessel, LCSW, MA
Primary Therapist

Gaia is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a BA in psychology from San Diego State University and a Master’s in Social Welfare from UCLA. Gaia has a synergistic approach that draws on her 30 years as a practitioner of yoga and meditation. She is teacher trained in the style of Anusara Yoga, and is a Reiki Master in the discipline of Usui Reiki and holds certifications in Non Violent Communication, Ceremonial Breathwork, and traditional herbalism.

Gaia’s relational methodology takes into account the unique experience, perspective, and history of each client.  Her work is informed by her personal healing journey and firsthand experience and healing from developmental trauma, addiction, anxiety, and depression.  Gaia considers herself a spiritual seeker and is constantly studying, learning, and growing. She believes that a teacher or guide is simply someone willing to grow and awaken in front of others.

 Gaia’s holistic approach to therapy utilizes mindfulness based practices, bio-mimicry, eastern philosophy, esoteric mysticism, indigenous wisdom, and psychodynamic approach.

Ronnie & Charles Blakeney, EdD
Advisors to Clinical

Harvard trained Drs Charles & Ronnie Blakeney, brought Harvard’s developmental model to the identification and treatment of people trapped in mental illness and addiction. They founded, and for 20 years co-directed, Berkeley Academy for Youth Development/The Institute for Clinical-Developmental Psychology. Together they have been among the foremost leaders in the field for the past 35 years, and most recently at the Department of Education and Educational Psychology, Univ. of Fribourg, Switzerland for 10 years refining the Developmental Integrity Approach to addiction and recovery. Since their return from Switzerland they wrote an addiction treatment manual (One Grain of Sand); evaluated the effectiveness of two recovery and prevention programs; and founded and implemented the Developmental Integrity Profile that assess developmental needs and strengths and guides tailored treatment in a range of recovery programs. Drs Blakeney’s consulting on human development includes two years at the White House Office of Domestic Policy, two years at the California Legislature, and two years as research scientists for the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health.

Rabbi Mordecai Finley, PhD
Spiritual Counselor and Advisor

Rabbi Finley is Co-Founder, Co-CEO and Rabbi of Ohr HaTorah temple in West Los Angeles. He received his doctorate in Religion-Social Ethics from the University of Southern California. In addition to his work at Ohr HaTorah, he serves as a professor at the Academy for Jewish Religion, California Campus, where he teaches Liturgy, Jewish Mysticism and Spirituality, and Professional Skills. Rabbi Finley also serves on the faculty of the Wexner Heritage Foundation and the Department of Continuing Education at the American Jewish University. Rabbi Finley is a spiritual counselor and group facilitator at Recover Integrity, imparting wisdom, truth and beauty upon the clients on a weekly basis in his Holding the Line group and his individual spiritual counseling sessions.

Mark Rutkowski
Sober Living Manager
Mark grew up in a small town named Birdsboro, Pennsylvania.  Throughout his teens and early twenties, he struggled with addiction and experienced a number of half-hearted attempts to get sober, but none of them worked.  Finally, in 2013 he received the help and support from friends and family and has remained sober ever since.  After many more failed attempts to feel fulfilled in sobriety, Mark quit the all-too-familiar restaurant job and started working at Recover Integrity in 2017.  Mark has been a core member of the housing staff  displays a high level of compassion and care for the clients that walk through the doors.  Since his new quest for meaning started, Mark graduated from Sober College in 2018 and is pursing his CADC-I, in which he hopes to be certified by the end of 2019.  Mark is also taking classes at SMC in pursuit of his BA in a business-related field.
In his free time, Mark enjoys hiking, exercising, and relaxing with his dog and fiancee. Mark’s two favorite memories are getting sober and watching the Eagles win the Super Bowl…in no particular order.
Daniel Ingersoll
Sober Living Manager

Daniel is from New York City, originally, but has also lived in New Jersey and Minnesota. He moved to California almost three years ago and has since made Los Angeles his home. Daniel has been sober since 2014. After studying business at Berkeley College and then working in sales for a year, he realized that he would be able to achieve his full potential (and be much happier) by working in a more social and people centric environment. Knowing how hard the fight against addiction is, Daniel felt a calling to those that are still fighting the uphill battle. In
order to make this dream a reality, he is currently studying to earn his drug and counselor certification. He is expected to complete the program within a year.

Daniel’s ultimate goal is to work with and help those struggling with addiction and to keep growing in this field after he has earned his certification. Daniel has been a valuable team member of Recover Integrity since

Daniel is an avid skier and competitive shooter, when he has the time.

William Flannery
Sober Living Manager

William is a Northern California native and Los Angeles transplant. William studied at Sonoma State University before embarking on a 3 year urban camping sabbatical. While on his sabbatical, Will unexpectedly developed a seemingly hopeless condition of mind and body. At 23 he accessed a Power allowing him to achieve higher self and joined the Broad Highway as a spearhead of God’s ever advancing creation (namely, he became sober and an active member of Alcoholics Anonymous and the community at large).

Today when Will isn’t helping recovering alcoholics, he spend’s his free time being of service, both with an lovely elderly woman and as a after school gardening teacher for kindergarteners.

Rosa Ramirez

Rosa has been working with the client’s of Recover Integrity since the very beginning. She’s more than the chef, she’s like a house mom. She nourishes the clients stomach’s, she cooks with love and she is passionate about matching their recovery with the food they are putting in their bodies. Rosa spent many years working in the entertainment industry in the craft services department but wasn’t satiated by the work. So, she joined the Recover Integrity community for more purposeful, personal and impactful work. Rosa is an invaluable member of the Recover Integrity team, working hard behind the scenes and also right on the front lines interacting daily with the clients.

Emily Blakeney

Emily graduated from National University after having completed her Associate Degree from University of California, Santa Cruz. Soon after becoming sober, graduating, teaching middle school special education classes, and starting a family, Emily discovered her passion for business. With the support of her husband, Yeshaia, Emily opened a small business and ran every aspect of that business, Eden’s Green Closet. In 2009, Emily co-founded ecomom.com, was head of all purchasing and products, and gained a wealth of knowledge about backend e-commerce systems, online marketing, business ethics and workplace culture. Emily has been a part of the Recover Integrity team since its inception in 2015.

Jeremy Round, MBA

Jeremy is a business leader and entrepreneur with experience launching and running businesses in the service, technology, media, and investment industries. Originally from the Chicagoland area, Jeremy completed his Bachelors of Science at Northwestern University, moved to California with Teach For America to teach seventh grade math and science, and then moved to Los Angeles and decided to pursue his MBA at UCLA. After receiving his MBA, he went on to gain operations and strategic experience consulting with Bain & Company and leading business operations for Yahoo Entertainment and Lifestyles. Jeremy is now the Director of Global Special Projects for Yahoo HR.

Phillip Hamburger, CADC-II
Restorative Justice

Sober for 14 years, Phil has worked in the field of recovery since his own rehabilitation, and has a heartfelt understanding that treatment is a more effective solution than incarceration in the case of addicts facing criminal charges. Born and raised in Minnesota, Phil relocated to Los Angeles in 2004 to work as the assistant alternative sentencing coordinator for Beit T’shuvah. He has extensive experience in the court room, working with both sides of a case to coordinating treatment in lieu of incarceration time. Phil also has attorney privileges in the jail and prison facilities of LA county. He jogs 30-35 miles a week, and still finds time to fly single engine airplanes. Phil holds a CADC II with over 7000 hours of counseling experience.

Brian Jacobs, MA

Brian has always had a passion for helping people. At an early age, he sensed what people felt and what they may need. Brian has carried this intuitive, empathic trait with him throughout my life, and is  committed to deepening and growing this area of himself. A few years ago, Brian was introduced to a Pranayama Breath Work, a breathing Practice that changed his  life.From the very first session,his intention was born to learn, apply, teach and share this practice with others.

Pranayama Breath work has the ability to help people release stuck energy and can open people up to have experiences within themselves, which they may have never had before. This practice is a blending of body, mind, heart, and spirit. The practice of Breath Work combines Brian’s education in psychology and integrates the implications the body has within the realms of psychology. In addition, this healing practice can be profoundly spiritual, empowering, and can assist people with developing their unconscious awareness, which can potentially provide a person with greater freedom.

Breath is an essential component to life and Brian is constantly amazed by the power breathing can have on an individuals life. It is clear that each time a person engages in this practice they will experience whatever it is they need to experience. Healing and the belief that one can heal comes from the inside.