About Us

Recover Integrity was founded on a simple premise: role model integrity. If you role model integrity, run your program with integrity, treat people with integrity you teach people how to live with integrity. At Recover Integrity we know what works: a safe environment, a loving and knowledgeable staff, a healthy routine, clear communication and a spiritual core. We recognize that at the root of addiction lies pain, lack of connection, internal conflict, and a lack of direction. The antidote to this condition is healing, integration of conflicting parts, joining with others, and discovering the meaning and purpose that lives within all of us.
Yeshaia Blakeney, BA
Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Yeshaia is an addiction expert with 18 years experience working in substance abuse and mental health. Sober since age 21, Yeshaia has a deep understanding of the youth addiction and recovery process, and works well with people for whom 12-step programs have been ineffective or are looking for an unorthodox approach. Aware that lasting recovery has a spiritual dimension, Yeshaia helps addicts build a customized path toward healing that best fits their personal senses of identity. His experience as a counselor and case manager is enhanced by his connections to a vast network of recovery professionals. Yeshaia holds a CADC education from UCLA and a Bachelors Degree from Antioch University.

Yeshaia works closely with families and develops relationships with clients that persist past the point of their time at Recover Integrity. Yeshaia is deeply connected to the individual nature of recovery and what it means to live well. And, he expresses this unique take on treatment through his one-on-one work with clients, families and case managers.

Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Adam received his MA from Pacific Oaks College in 2011. Adam has been a pillar in the Los Angeles recovery community for the last 16 years. For over a decade, Adam triaged the day to day clinical program of one of the nation’s largest non-profits specializing in addiction. Adam has held positions ranging from Family Director, Assistant Clinical Director, and Men and Women’s Program Director. Adam is highly sought out nationwide by programs and families as an interventionist. Adam works closely with our clients and their families, creating a safe space for recovery. Adam and Yeshaia worked side by side for 12 years before co-founding Recover Integrity together.


Adam specializes in family dynamics, family coaching and case management as well as one-on-one work with clients. Adam’s focus on containment and meeting clients where “they’re at” is a key to his ability to connect to clients at their core.

Arielle Rapaport, LMFT
Assistant Clinical Director 

Arielle is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, who specializes in treating individuals and families coping with addiction and trauma. She has a special connection to those in recovery after having been personally impacted by many loved ones’ struggles and challenges along their journey to sobriety. Arielle received a BS from Boston University, and a MS in Counseling from California State University, Northridge, graduating with honors. Arielle has worked in outpatient and residential facilities throughout the Los Angeles community, providing individual and group support to those managing co-occurring disorders and family system challenges. Arielle is passionate about utilizing solution-focused techniques and mind-body approaches to assist others in identifying their own internal strengths to navigate obstacles. She is trained in Mindfulness techniques, Brainspotting, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Breathwork. Arielle values empowering clients to develop self-compassion and acceptance in order to live a fulfilling life.

Michael Martin, CADC-I
Lead Case Manager & Recovery Coordinator

Michael grew up in upstate New York. In 2014, Michael moved to Los Angeles in search of purpose and recovery. Michael got sober at the age of 22 and has a special gift for working with other men in recovery. Once Michael was sober, having begun the journey and work on building his own inner and higher self, his attention began to shift to the other countless men who have not yet found their own recovery path. Coming from humble beginnings in Los Angeles, Michael understands what it takes to consider one’s own values, strengths, and passions, and use those to build a life feels purposeful and worth living. With such a passion for helping others, strong focus on trust and accountability, and communication, Michael is an effective member within both our Recover Integrity system and the greater Los Angeles sober community as a whole. Michael received his California State Licensing as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor in 2017 and has been working with other men, reaching them wherever they are at, to achieve recovery ever since.

Penn Shelton, CADC-II, ASW
Case Manger & Associate Therapist

Penn is an Associate Clinical Social Worker and a CADC-II Certified Addictions Counselor with over 10 years of experience in the treatment field. Penn’s experience is varied having worked as clinical support staff, operations manager, clinical case manager, and as a therapist, as well as having his own personal experiences in treatment and in addiction recovery. Penn has worked at several agencies including non-profit and community support, as well as luxury individualized concierge care, with experience at all levels of care.

Penn believes in a holistic approach to treating addictions, trauma, and mental health disorders. His theoretical framework integrates cognitive-behavioral, relational humanistic, existential, and narrative frames, and the development of Mindfulness based coping skills. He utilizes a comprehensive mind-body-spirit perspective with an emphasis on evidence-based practices.

Penn completed his BA in Psychology at California State University, Northridge in 2015 and a Master’s in Social Work from Widener University in 2021.

“Addiction is a reactive response to coping with pain – physical, emotional, and spiritual. With the right combination of support, education, motivation, and courage, recovery becomes inevitable.”

Ashley Adams, LMFT
Primary Therapist & Clinical Supervisor

Ashley, (she/her/hers) is a licensed psychotherapist with over 13 years of experience working with adults, couples and families affected by substance use disorders, trauma and acute mental health disorders. Ashley attended San Diego State University for her undergraduate studies. After graduating, she obtained her master’s degree in marriage and family therapy from the California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University in Irvine, CA. Ashley has worked in a variety of settings which include residential, outpatient, community mental health, private practice and teaching graduate students in an adjunct role. She has specialized training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy and Emotionally Focused (EFT) Therapy, while also using core concepts of motivational interviewing (MI) and a strengths based, social justice approach in her work.

Jan-Willem Dikkers, AMFT
Primary Therapist & Group Facilitator

Jan-Willem transitioned to psychotherapy after 25 years working as a creative and editorial director in the fashion and publishing industries, having collaborated with some of the most recognized and prestigious brands. Jan-Willem brings the same curiosity, creativity, and love to therapy as he did working with brilliantly complex and often troubled talented unique individuals in art, music, film, and
fashion. Jan-Willem received his BA in economics and marketing from
Northwestern University and his MA in clinical psychology from Antioch

Jan-Willem works within a mindfulness frame and looks at mental health
holistically including the physical body, the social environment, and larger cultural influences. Jan-Willem’s experience is in working with clients struggling with addiction, psychosis, neurosis (depression, anxiety), and personality disorders. This includes work with individuals of high notoriety and affluence as well as children of such families, who’s status often exacerbates suffering.

Kevin Simonson, MD
Medical Director

Dr. Kevin is a psychiatrist with an integrative and psychodynamic approach to mental health treatment. He completed his BS in Molecular Biology with minors in Chemistry and Psychology at Humboldt State University. He received his medical degree from UC Irvine and completed residency at UC Riverside and the Long Beach VA, where he worked in substance treatment and suboxone clinics. He has additional training in psychedelic therapy from CIIS, integrative psychiatry and ketamine treatment from IPI, ketamine psychotherapy from Polaris, and psychodynamic psychotherapy from NCP.

Ashley Nahai, LMFT
Primary Therapist

Ashley is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with 11 years of clinical experience. Ashley received her BA in Psychology from UCLA in 2010 and her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Southern California in 2012.
During her undergraduate studies, Ashley served as a research assistant at the Cousins Center for Psychoneuroimmunology, where she assisted with assessments of study participants and compiling research data. In addition to her studies and research position, she co-authored a journal article that was published in the Journal of Social Influence.  Ashley’s graduate studies at USC focused on the relationship between trauma and substance abuse, as well as theories of counseling, psychopathology, and psychopharmacology. Ashley completed her practicum
training at the CLARE Foundation in Santa Monica, a residential substance abuse facility, where she received training in psychodynamic therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and 12-step oriented treatment.
Following her practicum, Ashley served as the Counseling Director at Beit T’Shuvah, a residential substance abuse facility in West Los Angeles, for over 5 years. In this position, she created and oversaw daily programming for over 100 residents, as well as supervised substance abuse counselors and program technicians. Additionally, she provided individual and group psychotherapy and substance abuse counseling, as well as facilitated family therapy groups and sessions. Following her tenure at Beit T’Shuvah, Ashley served as the Director of Mentoring and Family Programming at Transcend Recovery Community. In this position, Ashley directed and
supervised case management services for over 60 clients and families, led clinical trainings and supervision for all case managers, and led family therapy workshops for clients and their families. Ashley serves as a Clinical Advisor for Spearhead Health, a private consulting and care management company for substance abuse, addiction, mental health and behavioral challenges. Ashley believes in the sanctity of the therapeutic relationship and in the ability of every person to heal
and recover.

Jack Muldoon, SUDRC, PEERS certified
Clinical Tech & Case Manager

Jack was born and raised in Los Angeles. Prior to becoming an SUDRC, Jack worked as a professional graphic designer for several years while simultaneously battling against his progressive alcoholism. After hitting his lowest point and attaining the gift of desperation, Jack entered into treatment at Recover Integrity, where he learned what it means to be a man in recovery. From that point onward, Jack dedicated his life to a deeper calling to help other men do the same. Driven by empathy, honor, and passion, Jack strives to be the best version of himself. Both a substance use disorder registered counselor, educated through LMU, and PEERS Young Adult Certified Provider through UCLA, Jack has the educational foundation and spiritual drive to elevate men on their journey into recovery.

Leslie Wenzell, SUDRC
Group Facilitator

Leslie has 5 years experience working in the mental health field. Leslie has experience with case management and working in the nonprofit sector, specifically with marginalized youth and formerly incarcerated individuals. Leslie received her Masters in Counseling from Loyola Marymount University. Leslie is currently working towards her LPCC license and facilitates groups as well as meets with individual clients as a primary therapist. She is very passionate about working in the mental health field and loves helping clients discover their passions and purpose in life through a very compassionate, mindfulness based approach. Leslie believes that we all have gifts and strengths that can be cultivated through the therapeutic process and through a client-centered approach. Leslie meets her clients “where they are at” in their life journey. Leslie has a rescue dog named Kingsley and loves spending time with him at the beach and swimming in the ocean.

Nicholai Haikim, MFTI
Intern Therapist
Nicholai was born and raised in Los Angeles. Nicholai was called to work in the mental health field after getting sober himself. After rebuilding his life on his own journey of recovery, he wanted to be able to help others do the same. Nicholai was a psychology major during his undergraduate studies, and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, with a specialization in spiritual and depth psychology at Antioch University. Prior to coming to Recover Integrity, Nicholai worked in a residential and outpatient facility which specialized in substance use disorders. Through a holistic and humanistic perspective, Nicholai hopes to incorporate an individuals mind, body, and soul when conceptualizing a personal and long-lasting treatment plan.
Group Facilitator

Marco “Blitch” Vizioli  is an interfaith substance abuse counselor, interventionist, lay chaplain, and graduate of Sacred Theology from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas/ Angelicum in Rome, Italy. He completed his undergraduate work in philosophy at the Angelicum and chose to remain in Rome for his graduate studies. His thesis was entitled The Phenomenon of God in Recovery: On Grace and Addiction. For the last 25 years, Blitch has worked with addicts and alcoholics in New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, Paris, Vienna, Zurich and Rome and his clients have included monks, diplomats, sports and entertainment figures and CEOs.

Blitch is a member of the National Association of Catholic Chaplains, National Association for Lay Ministry, the Association for Practical Theology, and Mystical Theology Network at Oxford. He claims that an experience of the Divine is available to any person who desires one, regardless of background.

Rosa Ramirez

Rosa has been working with the client’s of Recover Integrity since the very beginning. She’s more than the chef, she’s like a house mom. She nourishes the clients stomach’s, she cooks with love and she is passionate about matching their recovery with the food they are putting in their bodies. Rosa spent many years working in the entertainment industry in the craft services department but wasn’t satiated by the work. So, she joined the Recover Integrity community for more purposeful, personal and impactful work. Rosa is an invaluable member of the Recover Integrity team, working hard behind the scenes and also right on the front lines interacting daily with the clients.

Joe Hanan, RADT
House Manager

Joseph recently received an Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling Certificate from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Having pursued many career paths, including law, entertainment, and sales, he finds his greatest purpose in helping others in the field of substance abuse and mental health. With unconditional positivity and care, Joseph connects with clients in a brotherly way and reliably offers individualized support. He also feels that fun and laughter are essential ingredients to life. Whether it’s a paintball adventure, scenic hike, museum visit, or day at the beach, he makes sure that cool activities are part of the program for our clients every week. Outside of work, Joseph considers himself to be an avid opponent in the game of chess, a decent tennis player, and an embarrassing golfer.

Jeff Gross
Chelsea Manager

Jeff is the dedicated live-in Chelsea house manager. Jeff has more than 2+ years of time in recovery. Currently, Jeff is working on multiple certifications in the field of addiction and social work. Jeff is an active member of Alcoholics Anonymous and shares his passion for people and recovery with the clients.

Chris McKeon
House Manager

Chris McKeon

Susan Lunar
House Manager

Susie was born and bred in the Bronx, the greatest place in New York to grow up. She attended the High School of Performing Arts (Fame!) And went on to do Theatre, TV and Film. Susie produced and directed Children’s Theatre, which was incredibly rewarding and steered her into becoming a Theatrical Manager for 15 years, which she truly loved.

As a single parent, Susie started her own business called, “I’ll Strip For You”…take a breath…a wallpaper removing company. She was proud of this endeavor and was successful for the years she ran it.

Susie’s greatest achievement are her two kids, who are the light of her life and beautiful human beings who she couldn’t be more proud of!

Emily Blakeney

Emily graduated from National University after having completed her Associate Degree from University of California, Santa Cruz. Soon after becoming sober, graduating, teaching middle school special education classes, and starting a family, Emily discovered her passion for business. With the support of her husband, Yeshaia, Emily opened a small business and ran every aspect of that business, Eden’s Green Closet. In 2009, Emily co-founded ecomom.com, was head of all purchasing and products, and gained a wealth of knowledge about backend e-commerce systems, online marketing, business ethics and workplace culture. Emily has been a part of the Recover Integrity team since its inception in 2015.

Jeremy Round, MBA

Jeremy is a business leader and entrepreneur with experience launching and running businesses in the service, technology, media, and investment industries. Originally from the Chicagoland area, Jeremy completed his Bachelors of Science at Northwestern University, moved to California with Teach For America to teach seventh grade math and science, and then moved to Los Angeles and decided to pursue his MBA at UCLA. After receiving his MBA, he went on to gain operations and strategic experience consulting with Bain & Company and leading business operations for Yahoo Entertainment and Lifestyles. Jeremy is now the Director of Global Special Projects for Yahoo HR.

Phillip Hamburger, CADC-II
Restorative Justice

Sober for 14 years, Phil has worked in the field of recovery since his own rehabilitation, and has a heartfelt understanding that treatment is a more effective solution than incarceration in the case of addicts facing criminal charges. Born and raised in Minnesota, Phil relocated to Los Angeles in 2004 to work as the assistant alternative sentencing coordinator for Beit T’shuvah. He has extensive experience in the court room, working with both sides of a case to coordinating treatment in lieu of incarceration time. Phil also has attorney privileges in the jail and prison facilities of LA county. He jogs 30-35 miles a week, and still finds time to fly single engine airplanes. Phil holds a CADC II with over 7000 hours of counseling experience.