Evaluation and Care

At Recover Integrity we are sensitive to the fact that many people who are struggling with addictions often have co-occurring psychiatric conditions that can complicate their road to recovery. By participating in a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation with our psychiatrists, these other issues can be identified and treated concurrently while in our care. The identification and treatment of underlying problems is one of the key pieces to achieving lasting sobriety.


The psychiatric evaluation is a meeting between the client and psychiatrist in which relevant information is gathered. During this discussion, the psychiatrist is able to draw information from key areas which then helps to create a comprehensive diagnostic picture of the individual’s mental health. These areas include but are not limited to: current and history of psychiatric symptoms; moods, feelings, traumas, relationship and communication styles,  previous use-strengths and triggers, family and social history, current medications if any, and the individual’s understanding of what medications may or may not have been helpful in the past.


Our psychiatrist meets with each client on a regular basis and works as a member of the team to create a holistic view as well as assess progress and develop avenues of intervention. In addition, our psychiatrist works together with our clients providing education and medication adjustments as needed.