Coaching and Support

The expectation that someone can heal without healing their primary relationships is based on the false notion that the problem is centered in “the addict”.  Addiction has long been recognized as occurring in conjunction with the dynamics of the family system.  At Recover Integrity we engage the family of clients in the process of recovery (when beneficial), helping to facilitate better boundaries, clearer communication and most importantly reconnection and love. For these purposes, and only with the client’s consent, we provide updates to family members regarding the client’s treatment process on weekly basis.  These check-ins may include establishing goals for improving family functioning, and discussing the client’s successes and areas where they may need additional support from their family members. Addiction is a family problem. As such, it is imperative to incorporate client’s families into their treatment and recovery process.


In order to maintain recovery, we coach families about establishing healthy boundaries with one another, including providing support and guidance to family members and clients in developing sustainable recovery plans, both while in treatment and in the transition process.


Adam Mindel, Recover Integrity’s co-founder and co-CEO, has worked with hundreds of families in crisis and in need of help. Adam specializes in swift and effective family interventions and making impactful changes quickly that support the recovery of the individual and the entire family.