Men’s Addiction Treatment: Why It’s a Good Option

For males struggling with substance abuse, a men’s rehab may be the best choice for successful addiction recovery.


But why?

Studies have shown differences in substance abuse between genders. For example, men have higher rates of alcohol and marjuana consumption. Men are also more likely to use illegal drugs and abuse prescription medications. Also, substances affect men differently than women. 


These are important factors to consider when men need addiction treatment. In fact, some types of substance abuse treatment are more effective for men.


Our general culture encourages men to be strong and unemotional. Letting that “stoic” guard down could be a sign of weakness. 


Unfortunately, this mindset keeps men from getting the help they truly need.

Addiction is a disease. Like any disease, it only gets worse if not properly treated.


Benefits of Men’s Addiction Treatment


Men’s drug rehab provides a safe space where individuals can courageously confront the issues contributing to addiction. It’s not always easy. Staff trained in handling men’s addiction can make this process easier. 


A mens drug rehab has unique advantages including:

  • Focusing on topics and issues exclusive to men
  • Creating a space where men feel comfortable talking about their problems
  • Eliminating distractions often associated with co-ed addiction treatment
  • Fostering a sense of community and belonging
  • Providing engaging groups and activities catered to men’s needs
  • Using evidence-based approaches proven effective for men’s addiction
  • Giving men a chance to look at their relationship to self and others


A Closer Look: Examples How Men Only Rehab Helps:


Confronting addiction can be especially hard for men. When men realize that others are going through similar experiences, however, they feel less alone and more willing to share their experiences. In time, the connections and support they receive during addiction treatment can be the catalyst for change, accountability, and lasting recovery. 


Also, men tend to be goal-orientated. An addiction treatment team understands this…and uses it to the individual’s advantage. Regular check-ins with a primary therapist allow a man to review goals accomplished, ones that still need to be achieved, and planning of future goals. 


Of course, co-ed addiction treatments are available. But they can be distracting. Some men avoid their own development by focusing on helping a woman in the program. Some even try to develop relationships. 


Unfortunately, rehab relationships tend to be superficial and may even trigger certain behaviors that contribute to one’s addiction. Both parties need to work through their own issues before they have the mindset to develop a positive, mutual relationship.


What Can I Expect During Men’s Addiction Treatment?


Effective addiction treatment is an individualized process. The treatment team gets to know you–your drug history, motivations, strengths, and triggers. Together, you form a plan to maintain sobriety and start the journey of recovery.


Men’s addiction treatment can address several issues including:

  • Past traumas
  • Identifying triggers
  • Anger management
  • Vocational skills
  • Relapse prevention
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Drug/addiction education
  • Case management
  • Family therapy
  • Working through the 12-steps
  • Communication skills
  • Spirituality and mindfulness
  • Learning to process thoughts, emotions, and situations


These topics are addressed during individual therapy, group therapy, and experiential activities. Throughout the treatment process, goals are created and modified depending on your successes and challenges. 


Men’s addiction treatment is an opportunity to finally embrace sobriety while addressing the root causes of addictive behaviors. 


Finding Men’s Addiction Treatment Near Me


Recover Integrity offers men’s addiction treatment in Los Angeles, CA. California residents and those from around the country have found our clinical approach and dedicated staff a beacon of hope during dark, challenging times.


Recover Integrity is an intensive outpatient program near Brentwood and Santa Monica. Those in our program also have access to our Los Angeles sober living facilities. We are a men’s only rehab rooted in teaching people how to live with integrity.


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