Men’s Long-Term Addiction Treatment in Brentwood, Ca

Is there Sober Living for Men near Brentwood?

Men’s Sober Living Los Angeles


Recovering from addiction isn’t as easy as simply choosing to stop using drugs. Addiction is a complex mental health disorder stemming from a variety of factors. Recovery often requires an individual to completely overhaul the way he deals with his inner self and the world around him.

Those completing Brentwood drug rehab programs may feel like they need a little more support while transitioning back to everyday life. Recover Integrity men’s sober living provides a secure, supportive environment where men can continue to practice integrating what they learned in rehab. During their stay, men develop important life skills to remain sober and successfully manage relationships, careers, and the challenges that come up early in recovery. 

Recovery Integrity provides a luxury Brentwood sober living facility just a couple minutes away from their main office in Santa Monica. 


What is a Sober Living Facility Like?


Sober living facilities are the next step for many completing drug rehab. It’s a safe haven for many who aren’t sure what to do after more restrictive residential treatment. Ultimately, these sober living facilities meet you where you are at in your recovery. I House offers a continuum of care for our clients based on their individual situation and progress. 

Here is a brief rundown of our levels of care:


    • Incubation: Those just completing Brentwood drug rehab often transition to incubation care. From the moment you wake up to just before bed, you have the opportunity to reflect, create personal goals, and get guidance from those who have successfully worked through the recovery process. This deep recovery environment offers role modeling for healthing living, setting boundaries, spirituality, and much more. It’s a big step forward once completing a drug rehab program.


    • Level One: At level one you have 24 hour access to support staff. You start the process of the 12 steps and find a sponsor that resonates with you. Also, a complete program allows you to establish a sober routine including house meetings, exercise, therapeutic activities, and community outings. 


    • Level Two: At level two, you can start looking for work and get involved in Recovery Integrity’s extended care program. You also attend 12 step meetings in the evening and participate in house responsibilities to keep the community running smoothly. 


    • Level Three: After a minimum of 2 months with successful employment, you reach level three. You have much more freedom at this level and are encouraged to pursue service, therapy, and spirituality activities as part of your recovery. We help you establish financial independence and begin a life based on sobriety outside of the I House. 


As you can see, the I House sets you up for success. Your level of care is based on a thorough evaluation as well as input from you. The comfortable, resort-like suites offer many amenities. In fact, we offer both multiple and single occupancy luxury suites based on your preferences. 


Brentwood and Santa Monica Sober Living 


Men’s-only, private or shared, sober-living by the sea


In addition to Brentwood’s I House, Recovery Integrity also offers luxury sober apartments for your residential needs in Santa Monica. These three beach cottages are offered to men who have at least three months of sobriety and who are actively working and/or in school.

Our luxury sober suites are just blocks from Santa Monica’s beautiful beaches. Each unit has a washer and dryer and access to overnight staff who can help during any type of personal crisis.

While you continue to work towards an independent, sober life, we proved a safe, nurturing environment where you can focus on recovery. Our apartments allow you to live comfortably while you take bold steps to improve your life.

Is private sober living in Brentwood, California right for you? A simple call can give you the information to change your life. Don’t wait until tomorrow–we have someone available to talk 7 days a week.


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 We are ready to help you overcome addiction and enjoy life’s successes.  

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