Vocational, Educational, Goals, Assessment/Action/Achievement

VEGA, which is one of the brightest stars in the galaxy, is a symbol representing Recover Integrity’s unique Vocational and Educational Goal Program. Within this program, we support clients that are ready to become part of the workforce and help them to identify the steps necessary in the process of accomplishing their goals. The end result is a practical approach to “shooting for the stars”. Our V.E.G.A trained career counselors work alongside clients to help them achieve their unique career and educational  goals as opposed to settling for less than what they are capable of achieving. V.E.G.A. is a person­ centered program designed to help clients stay focused and motivated to achieve their articulated goals and move toward their individualized concept of a meaningful life full of value and purpose.


Many people struggling with addictions and mental health difficulties come to a crossroads when it comes to working and what that means. At this point in their lives, they often need professional support in order to define and reach their unique vocational/educational goals.

V.E.G.A is a manualized protocol which includes assignments they complete, review and process with their V.E.G.A. trained counselors in individual sessions. In addition, they bring their work into group therapy with their peers in order to gain additional support and feedback.

The V.E.G.A. program is made up of the following 3 phases:

Every client meets with a V.E.G.A. counselor to identify the appropriateness of vocational readiness. Not all clients will move on to the next two phases while in treatment, some clients may need 30 days of treatment before continuing on to the next phase, while others will be ready to get into action more quickly. This assessment, in conjunction with the client’s treatment plan and clinical team will determine the client’s participation in the V.E.G.A.


In this phase, clients engage in an assessment process designed to clarify their unique career and educational goals. For clients who currently have careers, this process may be used to ascertain whether their career is a good fit, clarify areas of satisfaction and dissatisfaction and, where appropriate, explore alternative career options. Client’s use this phase to assess their related strengths and weaknesses and help define the appropriate next steps towards goal achievement.

In this phase, client’s develop an individual action plan with specific steps which will lead them in the direction of achieving their defined goals. This plan is in alignment with their overall treatment plan, and can adjust as their treatment plan changes. This phase may include applying to school, resume development, interview skills training, mock interviews, researching appropriate jobs, and completing job applications. For clients in early recovery, and under the advisement of their treatment team, it may be more appropriate to begin with seeking out what is known as a “sober job” or volunteer work, which may be less stressful and therefore more suited to the early months of recovery.

This phase focuses on the achievement of the the client’s defined goals. As part of this process, clients are supported in the early stages of school and/or working in their new job. In this phase, a V.E.G.A. counselor will help the client work through any challenges that may arise, including, helping a client to manage social and/or job related stressors in order to ensure a successful work/school experience. Where appropriate, clients may be assisted in improving effective communication skills, conflict resolution and any other issues which may occur within the context of a new job.