Santa Monica Men’s Outpatient Treatment

Addiction treatment comes in many forms. Finding the best method for treating addiction ultimately depends on the struggles you (or a loved one) are facing with drugs or alcohol. 


Some individuals find success in outpatient treatment settings. These rehab options are less restrictive than inpatient and detox services. Typically, in an outpatient setting, an individual receives therapy and other services in an office or facility. After treatment, they are free to work, go home, and tend to family needs.


What is Men’s Outpatient Treatment?


Outpatient drug treatment allows one to receive the addiction services they need with the comfort of returning home each night. 


An individual will be given a set schedule of groups or therapy sessions they need to attend. Then they are free to go on with their lives after they complete their daily obligations.


Outpatient Treatment vs. Intensive Outpatient Treatment


What is the difference between outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment? 


The answer is pretty simple. Intensive outpatient treatment programs require an individual to engage in more therapy sessions throughout the week. An intensive outpatient program may have 9 or more hours of group or individual therapy per week. 


Outpatient treatment requires less of a time commitment. For example, an individual may have to complete two hours of therapy three times a week during men’s outpatient treatment.


Depending on your situation, the treatment team will determine which type of outpatient treatment is right for you.


Intensive outpatient treatment may be the best placement if you:

  • Were just released from an inpatient or detox program
  • Struggled during a men’s outpatient program
  • Have positive family involvement and access to local support networks when not receiving treatment.


Advantages of Men’s Outpatient Treatment


Men’s only rehab allows a safe space for men to talk about their issues without the distractions associated with co-ed treatment programs.


Cultural stereotypes often dictate that men have to be strong and stoic. They should be able to handle their problems without help. This commonly held attitude does more harm than good during recovery. 


In co-ed treatment, some men don’t want to be seen as sensitive or “weak”, especially in front of women. They keep their guard up to appear “strong” to females and others in the group. 


Other men avoid their own progress by trying to help or “save” a female in the program. This may be due to deflecting their own issues or the man is trying to develop a romantic relationship with a woman during treatment. Either way, these behaviors cause more harm than good. 


Men benefit from a supportive community where their issues can openly be discussed. When a men’s outpatient addiction treatment program runs effectively, the men in the program develop a rapport and support network to hold each other accountable while working towards common goals.    


What Can I Expect for Santa Monica Men’s Outpatient Addiction Treatment?


Outpatient treatment generally starts with an assessment. An intake specialist or your primary counselor will get to know you (or a loved one). You will discuss drug history, family support, other issues in your life, and what you hope to get out of treatment.


The intake assessment determines if outpatient addiction treatment is the best level of care for you. If that’s the case, you work with the treatment team to create a plan that becomes the foundation of your recovery. This includes creating a therapy schedule, goals, and measurable objectives. The team takes into account your personal strengths and uses them to address your challenges.


During a men’s outpatient addiction treatment, group and individual therapy sessions may address topics like:


  • Identifying Triggers for Using
  • Drug/Addiction Education
  • Communication Skills
  • The 12-Steps
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Family/Relationship Dynamics
  • Anger Management
  • Leisure Awareness/Skills
  • Vocational Skills
  • Processing Situations, Emotions, and Thoughts   


Men’s outpatient treatment also provides services like medication management, psychiatric screening, case management, and accessing support groups & community resources. 


You may be asked to take regular or random drug testing to ensure you’re complying with the program’s rules. Drug testing is one way to ensure accountability as you progress through treatment. It also provides a safe, recovery-focused environment for everyone in the program.


The length of stay for men’s outpatient treatment generally depends on your progress. You will meet regularly with your primary therapist to discuss progress, troubleshoot issues, and adapt your program plan to keep you engaged in treatment. 


Looking for a Men’s Outpatient Treatment Option?


Recover Integrity offers a Santa Monica men’s outpatient addiction treatment program focusing on high quality group and individual therapy, exceptional clinical care, and a theory-based approach to recovery.


Our intimate community is a safe space for men to share experiences, focus on developmental shifts, and evolving personal principles focused on living with integrity.

Recover Integrity’s Santa Monica men’s outpatient treatment also offers luxury sober living options for men who need extra support and structure during recovery.


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