What is case management?

At Recover Integrity we offer exemplary Case Management Services. Case Management works hand-in-hand with the Clinical team, and serves as the client’s advocate while in treatment. The Case Manager functions as a member of the multidisciplinary team providing additional information and direction as it relates to client care. Within three days of admission to our program, a client meets with one of our Case Managers. During this initial meeting, the client and Case Manager will identify specific needs and goals the client has, and in some cases, help to shape the client’s initial goals.  Client’s have the opportunity to meet with their Case Manager on a regular basis to assist with their goals and needs while in treatment. These goals range from the day to day appointments to long term dreams and ambitions.

Case Management services we provide include:

Referrals and coordinating appointments with additional service providers in the community (such as doctors, dentists, specialists, DMV, probation, etc.)


Finding appropriate housing for clients when they leave the Recover Integrity Community


Referring clients to sober coaching


Providing support and referrals for clients with legal concerns or issues, educational goals and vocational help.

Why do we offer case management?

Case Management is part of Recover Integrity’s core program because we work with the whole person. We recognize that clients may have practical issues to attend to while they are in treatment, and in some instances, these practical, logistical and seemingly normal responsibilities become daunting and unmanageable for client’s in early recovery.