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The I House is our flagship all men’s sober living home, located in Brentwood, Los Angeles. Fully staffed and managed, this home is for client’s that are part of the Recover Integrity community. The men are transported to Recover Integrity’s private clinic, to outside 12-step meetings and outside activities by our housing managers in our vehicles. Lunch and dinner is prepared for the residents, while they also have full access to the kitchen and pantry for breakfast and snacks. Multiple and single occupancy private sober suites are available.


Client’s in our residences strive for and reach level milestones

We recognize that each person is unique and has had their own experiences and feelings, strengths and weaknesses. The level of each client is determined during the assessment and is based on his situation.  Clients will be evaluated as they progress through the program, and the structure will change with the client.

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3

Incubation care is the process of immersing clients in a sober life from the moment they wake up (with a daily reflection and a daily goal) to just before bed (reflections on their day and their goal). Our Sober living community incubates newly sober people into a hopeful, positive, and creative sobriety journey. This means that experienced, sober people guide our clients day by day and step by step, to support their recovery.  Through role modeling: healthy living, clean boundaries, fun, practicing recovery and spirituality, our clients have the benefit of being immersed in a deep recovery environment allowing them to feel safe to explore their own new journey.

Level one is focused on acclamation and making a safe and stable transition from the clients’ previous environment to this new one. The I-House clients at this level have 24-hour access to our staff with the goal being simple: for the clients to feel safe, begin a healthy routine, and get connected in new relationships. Clients are encouraged to pursue a sponsor and begin working steps.  Clients have access to staff to assist in building life-skills and engaging in the work of the 12-steps.  Staff is available for any difficulties or crisis as they come up for clients. Clients at this level are supported in having a structured recovery routine, including house meetings, 12-steps, exercise, house outings and other outside therapeutic activities.  Staff is with the clients at all outside activities, at this level. Clients are UA’d a minimum of once a week.

Clients at this level are looking for work, working, or engaged in our extended care program. Level two clients at The I House are participating in a recovery program built around their work and/or adjunctive therapeutic services.  They attend 12-step meetings at night, participate in house responsibilities, and participate in morning and evening check-ins and house meetings.  Clients at this level might have a car, and are unsupervised for short periods of time, having already built and exhibited trust. Clients continue to be UA’d weekly. Clients at this level should have a sponsor, be working 12-steps and have formed an alliance with staff and other residents.

Level three clients have some significant sobriety (minimum 2 months) and are working, have a 12-step routine and sponsor, have relationships with The I House staff, and are pursuing other forms of recovery like therapy, spirituality and service.  Clients at this level are given agreed upon overnight passes and are expected to be role models for the newer house members.  The focus at this level is financial independence, transition and deeper therapeutic and recovery work outside The I House.


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