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We’re here to help


Life has a tendency to deal out its own interventions, in the forms of arrests, lost employment, relationships, and overdoses. Interventions are designed to create the immediacy to literally “raise the bottom” sparing loved one’s the often tragic next steps of “hitting bottom”. Our practiced interventionists have the tools to bring everyone together to save your loved one’s life and well-being.


There is an old saying that “families often have to bottom out before their loved ones get well”. If you have reached that place, know that, unified as a family or intervention team, and directed by experience, there is hope.


Recover Integrity is proud to have Adam Mindel, co-founder, as our senior interventionist. Adam co-directed the clinical program and of one of the nation’s largest charities specializing in addiction for 10 years. During those 10 years he was The Family Program Director and taught addicted family education. Adam is sought out nationally as a specialist in helping individuals and families in crisis, and is regarded as an interventionist of choice by substance abuse programs throughout the United States.

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