Our Program


Recover Integrity is a private, extended care addiction and mental health treatment center for men. We offer an artful blend of the highest level of clinical acumen, and a focus on personal attention within a community environment.  Our clinical approach is based on over a decade of research by two Harvard psychologists, Drs. Charles and Ronnie Blakeney. Our program structure and ethos reflect the reality that people don’t recover alone, they recover in relationship to one another.

Extended Care Treatment

Extended Care is what comes after the initial detox and stabilization phase of coming off of drugs, alcohol or other addictive behaviors. Once stabilization is achieved, addressing underlying issues, forming new relationships and building a “recovering” identity, becomes the foundation for sustainable recovery. Extended Care is generally between three and six months in length, individualized treatment services are tailored to accommodate a client’s re-integration into their new life. Extended Care is proven to have the highest outcomes for clients, as it allows for a safe and slow transition from treatment into a healthy, sustainable and fulfilling life. Recover Integrity offers extended care treatment for up to 120 days, a continuing care program, with the goal of building a healthy foundation and a supportive transition.


Our extended care program consists of living at our residences and attending day treatment at our private clinic.  We operate as one system because we have found that separating residence from treatment is inneffective. Clients live at The I House sober living and attend treatment during the day at Recover Integrity, having a shared experience as they recover together.


Recover Integrity’s program philosophy is rooted in the use of the 12 steps, spirituality, and the application of years of clinical experience in addiction treatment. Our goal is to cultivate personal insight and responsibility within our clients so they can live a fulfilling life of integrity. With a staff of professionals committed to excellence, we provide a warm and understanding environment in which these goals can be realized. Recovery is a way of life, not a quick fix.

Mens Program

With 26 years of experience in the field of addiction and recovery, Adam and Yeshaia, founders of Recover Integrity, have worked in a variety of treatment settings. Without exception, they’ve found that gender specific programs serve clients best. Recover Integrity is an all men’s program because it allows clients to feel safe, which gives clients the greatest chance for success and helps prevent unnecessary distractions, which in turn allows clients time to discover the underlying issues related to their addiction.


 Recover Integrity is a values based program: we treat our clients and their families with dignity, respect and compassion.  We understand that people in need of treatment are in a potentially life threatening crisis, and we provide a safe and nurturing environment in which to recover.