What We Treat

Addiction Treatment

Drug and alcohol addiction is a very complicated problem. Addicts both crave and compulsively seek drugs regardless of the devastating consequences that may occur. Although initially people tend to take drugs by choice, eventually the ability to choose becomes altered due to the way drugs affect the normal functioning of the brain whereby the reward and motivation systems become altered.


Due to the fact that drug addiction may have an impact on many aspects of a person’s life, at Recover Integrity we believe that effective treatment must be comprised of a variety of components which target the various aspects of a person’s life. For this reason, we individualize each client’s care.

What You Need to Know About Addiction and Effective Treatment:

  1. Addiction is a condition that is complex, but treatable.
  2. Treatment should be individualized based on the client’s particular needs.
  3. Treating patients may involve medication.
  4. Many people suffering with addictions also have underlying mental health issues.
  5. It is effective to have accountability within a safe environment to avoid relapse.
  6. People who go through residential treatment are much more  successful with long-term step down care.
  7. Step-down care in conjunction with the creation and implementation of goals and objectives that help move towards independence.
  8. Being a part of a recovering community is often the impetus for necessary changes to one’s identity.

Mental Health Treatment

Research has discovered a noticeable connection between the use of addictive substances and those suffering from mental illness. Perhaps the most common issue known to connect substance abuse and mental illness is the concept of self-medication. This is when patients attempt to manage the symptoms of their mental health disorder using drugs, alcohol or other addictive behaviors rather than seeking approved forms of professional help. Some mental illness is psychiatrically treated and chemical and neurological in nature. Some mental illness is best treated therapeutically and can greatly benefit from engagement in a healthy community.


Although turning to substance abuse may appear to offer some form of short term relief from various symptoms of mental illness, many patients fail to recognize that in times of distress, they are exposing themselves to further damage. The substances which an individual may turn to for help will do nothing to address the issues that lay beneath the symptoms, and could create various new problems in the form of further anxiety, stress, and addictive behaviors. In some cases, the use of illegal drugs can begin to agitate the symptoms of mental health disorders, causing the original symptoms to increase in severity.

Mental Health Issues We Commonly Treat:

As part of our holistic and comprehensive approach to addiction treatment, at Recover Integrity we also believe that mental health care is imperative. Some of the mental health issues we commonly treat include:



bi-polar disorder

anxiety and stress-related conditions

post-traumatic stress

marital and intimacy issues

family and interpersonal relationship problems

vocational adjustment problems

compulsive behaviors such as gambling, co-dependency and love addiction

personality disorders