Luxury Rehab for Addiction

There are many types of addiction treatment settings. Finding the one that most resonates with you is an important aspect of your recovery. Luxury treatment centers offer a safe, comfortable environment with plenty of amenities and individualized attention.


Recovering from addiction isn’t easy. When one feels comfortable, supported, and at peace with the environment, it’s likely the individual will stay engaged in treatment. Private rehabs provide this key advantage.


Beautiful luxury sober living private suite in Brentwood

What is a Luxury Rehab Addiction Program?


A luxury rehab program offers drug and alcohol treatment in a private, upscale setting. In many cases, luxury rehabs have facilities that seem more like a nice hotel or bed and breakfast.  These rehabs often have locations in beautiful, tranquil locations like near the ocean, mountains, or a pristine lake.


It’s important to note, a luxury rehab isn’t just a vacation from reality. It’s an opportunity to address the challenges and struggles with the help of knowledgeable, dedicated addiction specialists. You’ll still have to do the hard work of confronting drug or alcohol addiction.


That being said, a holistic rehab program can ensure you have respite from some of the people, places, and things that trigger your substance abuse. It’s an important time to focus on you and your personal growth.


Time away from the stressors and triggers gives a clearer understanding of the roots of addictive behaviors. Luxury rehabs also help build necessary skills for a successful journey into recovery.


Advantages of a Luxury Rehab


The obvious advantage of a private rehab is having an opportunity to feel completely comfortable in the surroundings with access to many amenities during treatment. It won’t feel like you are in a hospital or facility.


But a luxury rehab offers so much more.


Many private comprehensive rehabs also provide:


  • Little or no wait time to get into the program
  • Private or semi-private living quarters
  • Gourmet-quality food based on diet preferences
  • Cutting edge, evidence-based addiction treatment lead by high-quality staff
  • Staff-to-patient ratios that ensure individualized attention and support
  • Unique opportunities like adventure or wilderness therapy
  • Access to state of the art fitness centers and specialized exercise groups
  • High quality holistic treatment addressing your mind, body, and spirit

sober suite in brentwood ca


Why Choose a Luxury Rehab?


Many people choose a luxury rehab because they are used to living a comfortable lifestyle. Addressing addiction is a highly personal, often difficult, time. While there are certainly other drug rehabs that are less expensive, the quality of the experience and treatment may show.


As mentioned earlier, many of these rehabs use a holistic approach to addiction treatment. Holistic refers to treating the whole person and not just the symptoms and behaviors of addiction. Along with focusing on addiction treatment, luxury rehabs also address an individual’s fitness, nutrition, mind/body connection, and spirituality. Holistic therapy helps to address all areas of a person’s life and provides better coping skills to use after treatment.


Also, luxury rehabs often have less staff turnover. Less turnover often means a more cohesive, focused team. A solid treatment team observes, communicates, troubleshoots, and modifies treatment strategies with ease. This, in itself, may lead to more effective treatment.


Recover Integrity is a men’s luxury rehab located in Los Angeles, California. A majority of our men participate in full-time intensive outpatient treatment and reside in our luxury sober living residences.