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Dogma in AA: Trusting in the Spirit of Reality

Dogma is not actually something I would want to get rid of within Alcoholics Anonymous.


What it means to be a person in recovery, engaged in the 12-Steps, is to have some sense of acceptance… that you are not in charge of the world.


In AA they call it “God’s Will” which is a little bit more of a loaded term. So I’ll just call it the spirit of reality.


I mean, I have to accept what is! I can fight it, but I’m going to lose because what is – is – what is.


So if what “is” is there are dogmatic personalities in AA, who am I to fight that? Am I in charge of how people should be in meetings?


The answer is no, I would be a hypocrite. Am I dogmatically against people who are dogmatic? Well, No. Also, it’s helped a lot of people.


There is a spectrum of meetings. A late-night Hollywood meeting is insane, yelling… like a chaotic comedy show fiasco! I thought sober was going to be boring until I came to this meeting and it was WILD


For some people, it’s a great energy, but there are other meetings where you might have to wear a tie, they have developed their own culture that is much more dogmatic, much more rule-bound. And all are helpful.

For some that container, that rule & structure, not having to question everything, just being able to take direction, feels really good! It feels safe and helps them build lives.







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