My Regrets

What to expect in this episode:


  1. My life turned out ok – do I have regrets about my path in addiction?
  2. I do not regret the path, but I regret every person I bumped into and harmed along the way.
  3. I didn’t have values, I was not a good dude. I regret that.


My Regrets

I was speaking to a group of high schoolers and somebody asked me the question, “well for you this all worked out, for your path, so do you regret it?” and I have the same answer now that I had with the high school kid:


I don’t regret that experience, I regret every person I bumped into along the way and influenced their lives poorly;  that I was not a person who made people’s lives around me better and so in that sense I actually really regret it and it wasn’t worth it for me in that sense – but now that I’m not going to beat myself up about that – but if that makes sense.


I think we underestimate the impact we have when we’re in our addictions let me know you know I’m here talking like a ‘made up’ dude but I was not a good dude I was not a good person and I didn’t have values.


I harmed people… I wasn’t evil but I wasn’t fun to have around either and so I have to acknowledge that, there’s a certain reality there…


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AUTHOR: Yeshaia Blakeney