A Message to Mom

What to expect in this episode:


  1. Deciding to Send them to Rehab
  2. Getting Aligned | Treatment’s Sacred Pact
  3. What is My Role in His Recovery?


What can a mother do if her child is suffering with addiction



The first thing that I would say to a mom who’s saying,


“I’m sending my son to your treatment program, what do you have to tell me?”


Right.  Something like that, like somebody who’s right for our Treatment Program.


I would say,


“You need to come in and we need to sit down. And we’ve got to make sure that all parties are aligned in this agreement.



“We’ve got to make sure that you’re looking at me in the eyes, that your son is there, and I’m there and when we make this sacred little pact, everybody’s clear, not everybody has to agree completely, people can have different opinions, but that beginning step everybody’s really clear and onboard with what’s happening.”


And I would say,


I’m available. I’ll be honest, I don’t know what’s going to happen six months from now.



 I can tell you that I’ll communicate to you very clearly what I see. I can tell you here’s where I think he’s going.  I can tell you here’s what I think he needs. I can tell you here’s where I think he’s stuck.


I can tell you what I think your role needs to be and the most that I could offer you is honest experience in the relationship as well as, the best well-worn techniques to help people transform in this kind of environment.  That’s all anybody can offer by the way and open-mindedness.


I will see your son as your son, not as somebody else, not as a number, not as a patient, I will see your son for who your son is, and I will work with him accordingly.




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AUTHOR: Yeshaia Blakeney