Moment of Surrender

What to expect in this episode:


  1. Yeshaia Blakeney hit bottom on Pico in Los Angeles
  2.  He was pulled over an arrested for selling marijuana
  3. That was the moment of surrender for him, where he said ok. I give up. I lose. Show me the way out…


The Moment of Surrender


My bottom was on Pico in Los Angeles.  


I got pulled over.  I was selling marijuana.  


A police officer said, “Okay if I search your car?”


I said, “Why are you going to do that?”  He said, “Step out of the car sir” and searched my car.  


I knew I was going to get arrested and I knew I was in big trouble.


I remember sitting on the curb and I felt defeated, not just in that moment, but in my whole life.  I felt like I had been living one way and it wasn’t working anymore and that was the moment of surrender for me.  


Where I said, “Okay world, you win, I lose”.


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AUTHOR: Yeshaia Blakeney