Mental Health Treatment for Men

mental health treatment for menAccording to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), more than 6 million men suffer from depression every year. Unfortunately, however, depression among males often goes underdiagnosed. Although almost 1 in 10 men experience anxiety or depression in some form, less than half of them seek treatment.

But, here at Recover Integrity, we strive to provide the supportive environment men need in order to find hope and healing. Our Los Angeles treatment center is committed to facilitating the health and freedom of our clients. Allow our dedicated team to walk with you throughout your mental health recovery.

About Our Mental Health Treatment for Men

Maintaining mental health is essential to improving overall health. We understand that it can be hard to admit to mental health struggles, but we also believe that strengthening the mind strengthens the body. At Recover Integrity, our clients receive mental health care alongside addiction treatment, as these conditions often co-occur.

What is Included in the Men’s Mental Health Treatment Program?

Our men’s mental health treatment program offers a range of services designed to support men with co-occurring mental health and addiction issues. This may include therapy and counseling to address underlying mental health concerns, as well as addiction education and support for long-term recovery.

What are the Benefits of the Men’s Mental Health Treatment Program?

The benefits of our men’s mental health treatment program are abundant. By addressing both addiction and mental health issues, we offer a comprehensive approach to recovery. Our compassionate team of professionals is dedicated to supporting individuals in their recovery journey, empowering them to achieve their goals and live a life of sobriety. We provide both group and individual therapy, which provides an opportunity to share experiences while also maintaining privacy.

What is the Link Between Addiction and Mental Illness?

There is a clear link between substance addiction and mental health disorders. One major factor is patients resorting to “self-medication” – turning to drugs, alcohol, or other addictive behaviors to try and control their symptoms instead of getting professional help. Different types of mental illness require different treatment approaches: some require medication, while others benefit from therapy and belonging to a supportive community.

Unfortunately, using drugs or alcohol may provide temporary relief, but it doesn’t address the root causes of mental illness, and can even make things worse in the long run. Substances may trigger more anxiety, stress, or addiction. Furthermore, illegal drugs may intensify existing symptoms and make the situation harder to handle.

It’s important to seek appropriate treatment to effectively manage mental illness and addiction. Our mental health treatment for men combined with our addiction rehab services can help men with co-occurring disorders to find peace and positive change.

Mental Health Disorders We Treat

Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders are characterized by excessive worry, fear, and anxiety that can significantly impact daily life. At Recover Integrity, we provide comprehensive treatment for anxiety disorders, combining therapy, medication management, and holistic approaches to help individuals regain control and find relief.

Depressive Disorders

Depressive disorders involve persistent feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and a loss of interest in activities. Our dedicated team at Recover Integrity offers specialized treatment for depressive disorders, incorporating evidence-based therapies, medication, and support to help individuals manage symptoms, restore well-being, and improve their overall quality of life.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition triggered by experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event. At Recover Integrity, our mental health treatment for men provides trauma-focused therapy and a supportive environment to help individuals heal from PTSD, develop healthy coping strategies, and reclaim their lives.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder characterized by extreme shifts in mood, energy levels, and behavior. Our experienced team at Recover Integrity offers personalized treatment for bipolar disorder, including medication management, therapy, and lifestyle interventions to help individuals stabilize their moods and achieve greater stability and wellness.

Personality Disorders

Long-standing patterns of unhealthy thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that significantly impact relationships and daily functioning characterize personality disorders. At Recover Integrity, we provide comprehensive treatment for personality disorders, combining therapy, skill-building, and support to help individuals develop healthier coping mechanisms, improve relationships, and lead more fulfilling lives.

Behavioral or Emotional Issues

At Recover Integrity, we offer comprehensive care for a range of behavioral and emotional problems. Our expert therapists provide specialized treatment for issues such as marital and intimacy issues, family and interpersonal relationship problems, vocational adjustment problems, and compulsive behaviors. Through personalized therapy and support, we help individuals navigate these challenges, improve their relationships, achieve vocational success, and overcome harmful compulsions to promote overall well-being and a fulfilling life.

Our Mental Health Treatment Services

Individualized Treatment Plan for Every Patient

Our team understands that every person who has mental health challenges has unique needs. That’s why we offer individualized treatment plans for each patient. We design these plans to support our clients’ specific goals and needs throughout recovery.

Psychiatric Care

Recovering from mental health challenges can be a difficult journey, especially in cases where addiction is also present. This is why we offer a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation. This helps us to identify and address mental health concerns.

Outpatient Treatment Program

Our outpatient treatment program can be beneficial for men who are seeking treatment and care while also maintaining their day-to-day responsibilities. We understand the challenges of getting treatment while also keeping up with everyday life. So, we work to make it a smooth process by offering outpatient mental health and addiction care.

Sober Living Program

Men who have completed treatment for co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders can take advantage of our sober living programs. These programs enable men to transition back into life outside of rehab in a safe and substance-free environment.

Let Recover Integrity Walk Beside You

mental health treatment for men in los angeles

Located in Los Angeles, California, Recover Integrity offers addiction and mental health treatment for men. We strive to create an atmosphere where men can receive the support and direction they need to improve their well-being and move forward. So, if you are struggling with a mental health disorder or addiction problem, let us help. Contact us today and start your road to recovery.